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Lurker in the Dark

Reaching for the Light

Jay Stewart
6 August 1957
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All my life, I've wanted to grow up to be the kind of person that I can respect.

I'm still working on it. At each Point of Decision, I try to ask myself 1) what's the right thing to do, and 2) If that's not what I want to do, could I live with myself if I did something else? The hope is that some day I will find that I habitually do the right thing.

I'm not really a human being; I'm a human becoming. A Work in Progress. Most recently, the Work has involved continuing the education that I interrupted (again) some 27 years ago to raise a family. I'm going to finish my Bachelor's Degree even if it takes until I'm 90!

I have declared my life to be a Drama-Free Zone. Most of the time, it is.

Notice of Intent to Display Hit-And-Run Comments

There is a style of commenting that we shall call "hit and run" commenting, whereby the commenter posts a comment to a person's LiveJournal and then immediately deletes it. I have usually seen this used when the comment is a nasty remark, something the commenter wouldn't want to have posted for public view but nonetheless wished the original poster to receive in email.

I reserve the right to re-post, at my discretion, in part or in its entirety and with attribution, any comment so posted in my journal. If any person posts a comment to my LiveJournal, I reserve the right to ensure that it stays posted so that others may see it. If that person subsequently deletes it, I reserve the right to re-post the comment in part or in whole, with attribution. Anyone who doesn't agree has the right not to make comments in my LiveJournal. By commenting in my journal you explicitly agree that my intent to preserve and display your comment as stated above does not in any way constitute a violation of law, of ethics, or of LiveJournal's Terms of Service.

This doesn't apply to anybody who corrects factual, stylistic, spelling or grammatical errors and then reposts. It's designed to stop hit-and-run nastygrams. No one who comments in my journal may avoid responsibility for his or her own action. Should a commenter later think better of his or her position, that person is welcome to post a retraction.

Posting a comment in my LiveJournal constitutes acceptance of the terms described above.

Notice of Opposition to "Sponsored Communities"

I purchased a Paid Account at LiveJournal so as to avoid being subjected to advertising. Should anyone post to my journal from a "sponsored community", I will consider it to be a breach of LJs "no advertising" promise. I will summarily delete any such post, and ban that person, that community, and that community's maintainers from my journal.

Sponsors of communities at LiveJournal may rest assured that if I have the slightest interest in their products or services, I will seek them out. They are not welcome in my journal.